On Tour with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : United States March 26th -31st

26th Mar 2013
California, United States
7.00pm  –  9:00pm : Public Event  – Launching Non-Violence : No Higher Calling Movement at the Los Angeles Center
27th Mar 2013
California, United States
7.00pm – 9pm : Non-Violence – No higher calling : Town hall gathering with a panel
28th Mar 2013
Illinois, United States
 7.30pm – 9:30pm : Non -Violence – No higher calling Launch Public Event
30th Mar 2013
New York, United States
2:00pm – 5:00pm : Public Event – Launching Non Violence : No Higher Calling
31st Mar 2013
New Jersey, United States
2:30pm – 5:30pm : Volunteer Convention in New Jersey

On Tour with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : March 2013

Dates                    Places                                         Venue
1st Mar 2013         Siliguri, West Bengal, India
1st Mar 2013         Dharan, Kosi, Nepal                    Maha Satsang, Public H.S. School Ground,  Dharan, 9am – 11am
2nd Mar 2013      Andal, West Bengal,India
5th Mar 2013       West Bengal, India
3rd Mar 2013       Durgapur, Purulia, West Bengal,India
4th Mar 2013       Murshidabad, West Bengal,India
5th Mar 2013       Kolkata, West Bengal,India
6th Mar 2013       Bhubaneshwar, Orissa,India
7th Mar 2013      Bangalore Ashram
10th Mar 2013     Art of Living International Center, Bangalore, Karnataka,India
17th Mar 2013     European Art of Living Center, Bad Antogast, Baden-Württemberg,Germany
18th Mar 2013     Zagreb (city), Croatia
19th-20th Mar 2013  Split-Dalmatia county, Croatia
21st-22nd Mar 2013  Ljubljana, Gorenjska [Upper Carniola],Slovenia
22nd Mar 2013     Munich, Bayern,Germany
23rd Mar 2013      Munich, Bayern,Germany