Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s visit to Argentina


Buenos Aires Sept 9, 2012: Spiritual Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar drew a huge crowd for his event ‘El Planeta Medita’, in Argentina’s capital on Sunday. An unprecedented 1.5 lac Argentines meditated against violence and to create a stress-free world.

The meditation was also joined by thousands from 300 cities across the world as the event was webcasted live. Sri Sri addressed the crowd in Spanish, ‎”Life is so short, there is not enough time to love yet people are occupied in conflicts. We are fortunate to know how to get rid of stress.” The audience responded with a huge cheer and applause when asked by the spiritual leader if they would join in to create a beautiful world.


People from all backgrounds and age groups came together to meditate. Urging the crowd to cultivate a sense of belongingness, he added, “We need to educate ourselves in peace, love, integrity, honesty. It cannot happen if the mind is stressed and the intellect is filled with prejudice. The world needs upliftment and with meditation we would be able to do that.”

He then led the gathering into a meditation. This was followed by a scintillating Yoga Rave performance where everyone chanted Indian bhajans like ‘Ganesh Sharanam’, ‘Hari Narayan’ ‘Jai Jai Shiva Shanbho’, etc. This was performed by Nicolás Pucci and Rodrigo Bustus from the ‘So What’ band who, inspired by Sri Sri, have created music blending the vibrations of old Sanskrit mantras with electronic music.

Various young leaders who have done remarkable work in the prisons and slums of Argentina were also felicitated.

The Art of Living founder was on a five-day visit to Argentina which began on Sept 5, 2012. During his tour, Sri Sri visited the San Martín Prison where a prisoner told him, “Thank you for what you have done for us. Although we are here, we still feel free. You gave us back the desire to live.”‪ Over 5200 prisoners have taken the organization’s rehabilitation programs that reduces violence and aggression.

In Cordoba, thousands braved the rain and the chilly weather and gathered to hear the spiritual master. Here, the General Consul of India, Dr Sergio Lais named Sri Sri as the Custodian of the World Peace. ‬

‪At Siglo 21 University, the largest private university, he told the youth, “I hope to take to the East the good from the West and vice versa and make a better world. We are in a globalized world and our youth deserve more than a partial vision.”